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Circle Sticker

Circle Sticker
Circle Sticker

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    Make sure your message really sticks! Stickers are a fun and unique way to display your company logo, promotions, and other essential information relevant to your business. They make powerful marketing tools, as they're hard to miss and can be attached just about anywhere.

    4mil Vinyl Decal with High Gloss UV coating Crack & Peel

    Durable vinyl sticker paper with a high-gloss UV coating and crack-and-peel backing. The vinyl material and UV coating make this stock ideal for outdoor applications or any piece requiring a durable finish and eye-popping colors.

      Material Type: Vinyl Sticker
      Thickness: 4 mil
      Color: White
      Temperature Range: -10°F to +200°F
      Backing: Crack-and-Peel Backing
      Indoor Use: Yes
      Outdoor Use: Yes

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