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    Make an invitation to your door with customised event tickets with all of the vital details of your event. Deliver in style and catch their attention. Perforation and Numbering also available. Perforation allows you to keep part of the ticket while tearing off the other section; ideal for items such as concert tickets, film tickets, raffle tickets, coupons, and similar items.

    16 pt. Gloss Coated Cover (C2S) with High Gloss UV

    The Gloss Coated Cover is a long-lasting, heavy, and thick card stock with High Gloss UV Coating on the surface for exquisite shine and vibrant colors that come to life—it's no wonder it's our most popular stock! This stock has high color saturation for exquisite contrast and range. Our rich High Gloss UV Coating has the highest quality and provides protection against stains and damage. You cannot write or print on products with High Gloss UV Coating.

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