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Matte w/ Raised Spot UV

Matte w/ Raised Spot UV
Matte w/ Raised Spot UV
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Matte w/ Raised Spot UV
Matte w/ Raised Spot UV
Matte w/ Raised Spot UV

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Matte with Raised Spot UV adds a flash of brilliance to your business cards that you can see and feel. The combination of raised foil contrasted with the matte/dull paper stock creates a tactile experience that customers can see and feel. The high-definition texture that the raised surface provides makes them irresistible and impossible to toss away. The raised effect will look as if it’s about to jump off your cards thanks to its slight 3D effect. Your cards will feel so sleek, you’ll have to touch it to believe it! The Matte Cards are printed on 16pt card stock, with a Matte/Dull Finish on both sides.

Matte business cards are printed full color (CMYK) single (4/0) or double-sided (4/4) on our popular thick 16PT C2S (coated 2 sides) card stock and are available in a variety of dimensions. We apply a dull aqueous coating (AQ) after printing to provide a uniform matte finish. Make a statement with our matte business card. 

Raised UV Print is a partial High Gloss Raised UV applied over specific graphic elements on a design. The results is up to 50 micron UV raised layer to strike a significant contrast, shine, and thickness between the elements that have the Raised UV Print and the rest of the design.

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